Security and Malware Tool Development


Often auditors have great ideas and find themselves saying, "If I only had a tool to do X". Theia Labs can prototype out these tools. Theia Labs is skilled in rapid prototyping,3d printing, circuit board design, and firmware development. Give your company an edge with state of the art tools your competitor's do not have. Theia Labs has a history of developing low cost physical circumvention devices. These tools have been used to bypass physical security systems as well as audit complex electrical systems such as automotive controls.


System security is at the forefront concerns of doing business on the Internet. Theia Labs has created security offerings to determine what level of vulnerability and threats your network and applications posses. Applications can be audited with our without source code available. Theia Labs is also available for making custom security auditing tools. Theia Labs can audit more than just software but also hardware devices. In this growing age of applicances it is important to know what risks you are deploying in your organization.

reverse engineering

Malware has become a constast threat in todays corporate environment. Companies attempt to protect their Intellectual Property with DRM solutions. Theia Labs can audit these Intellectual Property protection solutions to determine their effectiveness against, piracy, IP theft and manipulation. Theia Labs also provides an in house malware auditing lab. Here we can utilize our in house expertise to quickly audit a suscpected malicious file to determine what affect it has on your company. With increasing targetted attacks it is important to know the goal and resources of your attacker. Theia Labs can assist in building an internal malware response team or handle suspected files in house.